Drugs Cause Former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy To Wreck Corvette

Fayetteville, NC - Just a few days after announcing that changes were coming, former WWE and TNA wrestler, Matt Hardy is in the news headlines once again. It seems that Matt Hardy was driving his 2009 Chevrolet Corvette while under the influence of an impairing substance that has yet to be named. Given the history of the Hardy name as it pertains to drugs, we can imagine that it wasn't you're average aspirin. Because of his impairment and his wreckless speeding, Matt Hardy smashed head on into a tree at over 60MPH. Amazingly Matt was not seriously hurt in this accident, but his Corvette and the tree it hit were both totaled. Officers on the scene noticed the glazed look in Matt's eyes and decided that he was obviously too impaired to be driving, so Matt was arrested and charged with DUI. Matt was released after providing a sample of his blood for toxicology tests. All you Matt Hardy fans out there, fear not because there's always hope for Matt Hardy version 3.0 or is he up to 4 now? It's hard to keep up with the Hardy's.

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