FIFA 16: 5. Resignation During Career Mode

Many fans are deeply unhappy with the lack of improvement on career mode and EA could do a whole lot better.
For example, you can be sacked so why can’t you resign from a club side? Virtual managers the world over are frustrated by the real lack of flexibility and limited options. You should be able to quit whenever you want and go wherever you choose like Harry Redknapp who leads the way in real-life resignations having quit from QPR, Southampton and Portsmouth (twice).

It can often be ridiculously hard to get job offers when you’re doing well, so any mode that handcuffs you to a team until the end of the season is never going to go down well.
It feels like EA are treating career more more like a LinkedIn simulator and have forgotten that football managers can forgo their pay-off, clear out their desk and take a job on the other side of town. After all, if Barcelona came calling its not like you’d be kicking an actual person from the job and putting his family out on the street, so there’d be no real harm in allowing players (while limiting the amount of moves per season) to hop from club to club.
It’s also 2016 yet there’s no sign of a Financial Fair Play setting which would stop PSG and Man City from snatching the big players and buying the title. Who do we have to pay around here to get that sorted? EA Sports has yet to officially announce any tweaks to career mode but you’ll be able to resign as the manager of an International team whenever you like, after all you’re only working part-time anyway.