WWE should bring Beth Phoenix back to wrestle


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Beth Phoenix is going into the WWE Hall of Fame, as she should. She was a standout performer in the women’s division, and likely helped propel WWE into their more modern period where women’s wrestling is something to celebrate and promote. She even told USA Today in a recent interview that she was in WWE during “leaner times” and hopes that she had a hand in making things easier and more wrestling-focused for today’s women of WWE. If you watched her wrestle, you know she did, and that’s even more reason for WWE to bring Beth Phoenix back as more than just a Hall of Fame inductee. Hey, if Kurt Angle is going to come back to maybe wrestle matches after his induction, why can’t Beth Phoenix?

WWE wants to bring back women from their past. Mickie James has already returned, Kelly Kelly is another they’ve considered, and there is certainly space for additional reunions. While WWE’s women’s divisions are getting more focus these days, the divisions themselves are still small, and NXT isn’t quite ready to graduate a large enough batch of wrestlers to make that problem go away. Signing someone like Beth Phoenix to wrestle at a time when she can face any of Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch, Nia Jax, Nikki Bella, Alexa Bliss, Naomi, and so on seems like a no-brainer. She’s great, the divisions are great, and they should all be together as one big, happy wrestling family.

Phoenix has connections to her own era around in both Mickie James and Natalya. She’s a former WWE Women’s Champion as well as a Divas champ, so potentially getting a shot at one of the new Women’s titles makes all kinds of sense. There is no reason for WWE to avoid asking the question: Phoenix might not respond the way they hope, given she has two young children, but maybe now that she has them she’s ready for a return to the ring. She did respond “never say never” to the question of a return, so long as it makes sense for her family. So, WWE, come up with something that does.

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