FIFA 16: 6. Beach Soccer Mode

Paulo Duarte/AP
Beach Soccer is huge and game-makers need to stop hiding from it.
The biennial FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup is a sandy affair that came under FIFA’s watchful eye in 2005 after a decade of success. Unsurprisingly, Brazil do very well having won the tournament 13 times with only Portugal, France and Russia (lots of beaches there) the other countries to lift the trophy. FIFA games are great but every year they turn out the same. Well-presented but essentially you’re kicking a ball around a pixelated bowl for 15 minutes with nothing to stimulate your senses apart from a coloured ball.
Equally, FIFA titles are released in September which means gamers spend Autumn and Winter breaking them in while hunched over their controllers as the weather outside takes a turn for the worst. With a Beach Soccer mode it would be great to swap stadiums for sunshine and play on the beach. Yeah! And it’s great if you’re pairing up with your kid brother who can’t string a pass together because much like the gameplay in FIFA Street anyone can have a pop at goal. It’s less of a team sport and more about individual brilliance but imagine the fun you could have spending hours trying to recreate what is possibly the best goal ever scored in Beach Soccer by the Brazilian Bruno Xavier (above).
FACT: A title called Pro Beach Soccer made it onto Xbox in 2013. It’s rubbish but it shows that there’s a market for sandy sports and with a few tweaks it could be added as a DLC to future FIFA games.

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