FIFA 16: 9. The Shirt-Off Celebration

Adam Davy/EMPICS Sport
You just scored a dramatic late winner in the 93rd minute… Now what?

On the pitch that carefully-planned routine you rehearsed first in the garden and again in the dressing room is forgotten in an instant as you reach instinctively for the hem of your shirt and lift it over your head. On the sofa you leap up and run around the lounge clawing at your jersey in equal parts joy and relief because you have achieved the impossible. Shirt off,  have it, get in. The shirt-off celebration is how the truly great players celebrate and it should be an option in a FIFA game. Except that, according to the rules, taking your shirt off during a post-goal celebration means you will be “cautioned for unsporting behaviour”. The IFAB modified Law 12 which relates to Fouls and Misconduct in 2004, instructing referees that “removing one’s shirt after scoring is unnecessary and players should avoid such excessive displays of joy.”
In that case, surely EA should add shirt-off celebrations and have the AI book the player. It would bring a whole new (authentic) dynamic to your next match. It’ll never happen so you’ll have to settle for going topless in front of the telly.

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