FIFA 16: 4. Playing As Teams From Tiny Leagues

Efrem Lukatsky/AP/Press Association Images
Tiny in the minds of EA means the Ukrainian Premier League in a country with only 45m people.
45m people. Fewer live in Poland, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Scotland yet with each passing year Eastern European football grows in quality. 

Fans in the Baltic states and beyond feel massively short-changed when it comes to recent FIFA titles and Ukrainians can’t be happy that only Shakhtar Donetsk made it into FIFA 15. Their star striker Andriy Yarmolenko (pictured) looks set to play in England’s top division this season so at the very least EA could throw in Dynamo Kiev or Metalist Kharkiv.
Clubs who have previously won the Champions League are missing. For example, Steaua Bucharest from Romania won the European Cup in 1991 as did Serbia’s Red Star Belgrade in 1986 and given that the breakup of Yugoslavia and the Romanian revolution are relatively recent events that’s a pretty decent return for their sporting efforts.
Teams from each country’s top division should be playable, limiting gamers living on a continent like Brazil to their national side falls woefully short. Yes, EA has already announced that the omission of club teams from Brazil’s domestic leagues is down to rights issues with players.
Money talks but not yours and sadly supporters of the Albanian Super League shouldn’t hold their breath.